Little Treats for Design Geeks: Pantone™ Mugs

Sep 15, 2014
Melissa Gridley

In my last post about color I mentioned a good friend had given me a treasured Pantone™ mug. She actually bought them for everyone on our design team last Christmas, carefully selecting colors to suit our individual tastes & personalities. One friend received the Emerald Green mug, a shade that matched her wedding scheme, online portfolio, laptop cover and tote bag. While I don’t have a favorite color per se, my Ketchup Red 186 mug certainly fits my personality and looks right at home in my tomato red & pumpkin orange kitchen décor.

Pantone™ mug in Ketchup Red 186

I love that freaking mug as much as it is possible to love a piece of dish ware. I hand-wash it carefully, unwilling to risk the threat of dishwasher scratches (my boyfriend learned this the hard way when I ripped it from his hands and yelped, “Hand wash only!” before setting it gently in the sink) and use it nearly every day. I think if it broke, a little piece of my heart would break along with it.

Now before you get the idea that I’m some wild-eyed, color-obsessed dish hoarder, let me clarify that part of why the mug is so valuable to me is its sentimental value. I wanted a Pantone™ mug for years and never felt the splurge justified (it’s a mug, and it’s a $16 mug, and my kitchen is already overrun by more mugs than I can use in a month). That and the fact that it was a thoughtfully-selected gift from a close friend made it as much a precious keepsake as a favorite conveyor of caffeinated beverages. Thoughtful gifts always touch me, and in this case it touched the design geek in me too.

But while this mug looks right at home in my kitchen, I don’t always drink my coffee in the kitchen. During the week I drink my coffee in my black, white &  BEHR Jamaica Bay  office, where Ketchup doesn’t quite fit the color scheme (yeah okay, maybe ‘color-obsessed’ is kind of accurate). So when I ran across a match on Amazon (Pantone™ doesn’t sell mugs individually anymore), I splurged, and just like that I went from Pantone™ mug to Pantone™ mug collection. It’s a slippery slope, my friends.

Ketchup Red 186, meet Miami 563. Don’t think of it as competition, think of it as a trusted colleague who will take your shift when you’re overworked or dirty or don’t match the décor. BFFs, ‘kay?

Pantone™ mug in Miami 563

While I love my mugs, it’s not an exclusive relationship; I drool over the notebooks, storage boxes, and USB drives too. But for now I’m resisting the siren’s call of more design-geek paraphernalia—I’ve got to leave something for my friends to get me next Christmas.*

*No seriously, guys. I left those handy-dandy links and everything.

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Great blog!

William Corridori
March 5, 2015 7:27 pm

Those are really cool Melissa! I see your point would love to have one, too! Great writing (btw) throughout your site. LOVE to see that in a designer. They are usually so poor at it.


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